Aggregated Real-time Performance View

Imagine a console that provides you with real time performance monitoring, capable of delivering a comprehensive visibility into Terminal Services farms, VDI environments and desktop end points.

A grid, which gives you the big picture view of your environment coupled with capabilities to zoom-in with surgical precision to the individual machine, user, session and process level within seconds – gaining unprecedented visibility into your managed environment.

Enter ControlUp – an advanced computer management and monitoring platform for simultaneously managing a large amount of Windows servers, workstations and user sessions.

ControlUp aggregates performance data gathered from the managed computers creating a unified and searchable grid view of all the users, sessions and processes in your environment and allows you to maintain your entire enterprise’s application environment without hopping between remote connection screens and management consoles.

ControlUp grid is a high-performance, searchable and sortable table of objects such as folders, servers, virtual desktops, user accounts, sessions and Windows processes. Multiple views with filtering, sorting, flexible customization and quick zoom-in zoom-out capabilities make it a powerful management tool:

The Folders View displays summary data from resources that you have chosen to logically group together (based on location, technologies versions or any other grouping criteria you choose). You can now quickly assess the total user load on your server farm or monitor averages for selected performance counters on similar computers.

The Computers View displays servers and/or virtual desktops with a graphical representation of their performance data, including CPU and memory utilization. With just a few keystrokes, you can zoom in to filter the results by computer name, or sort the grid to identify the hosts utilizing most resources.

The Sessions View displays all established user’s sessions, regardless of the server or virtual desktop the user is currently connected to.  The same graphical display of resource consumption helps assess the performance impact of each session. You can easily focus and perform tasks on the selected sessions, as well as filter the grid to identify the session you are looking for (typically belonging to the user who is reporting an issue).

The Processes View is the highest-resolution display of your environment. When working at the process level, you can achieve the most fine-grained control over what is going on inside the servers and desktops in your environment. In large server farms, tens or hundreds of thousands of processes may be running, so in order to achieve the highest performance and responsiveness, consider using a server or a powerful management station to run ControlUp.

The Accounts View displays resource utilization of all users currently logged on. Resources utilized by the users are summed up across all the servers and desktops they are using.

The Executables View presents a summary of all applications running across the enterprise. Using this view, a number of important questions can be quickly answered, such as:

  • How many instances of an application are currently running in the entire environment?
  • Which applications across the enterprise account for the highest resource consumption?
  • Are there any unwanted/malicious processes present in the environment?

With the help of ControlUp’s grid views, your Windows server and desktop environment unfolds as a unified resource fabric, providing an essential up-to-date information source for monitoring and troubleshooting.