Comprehensive Remote System Management

ControlUp is much more than a monitoring tool offering unprecedented real-time visibility into your entire enterprise resource fabric. With ControlUp you can remotely control your managed environment, easily execute a comprehensive set of built in management tasks simultaneously on multiple computers and users, with just a few clicks.

ControlUp parallel execution of tasks and actions on multiple computers or users makes it an ideal console for simultaneously managing large amounts of Windows servers, workstation and user sessions for a Terminal Services, VDI, traditional desktops or hybrid environments.

ControlUp’s extensive set of actions includes:

  • Power Management Actions – shutdown and restart you machines remotely.
  • Policy Actions – instantly remove, refresh and re-apply group policy restrictions.
  • File System Actions – Create, rename or delete files on multiple computers simultaneously.
  • Processes Actions – block process execution by process name, end processes remotely.
  • Session Actions – disconnect, log off session, connect to remote desktop.
  • Registry Actions – create, rename, delete or edit registry keys on multiple computers simultaneously, compare registry between different hosts.
  • Windows Services – manipulate Windows Services simultaneously on multiple computers.
  • Remote Assistance and Terminal Session Shadowing – remotely control and assist your users by interacting with their desktops and applications.
  • Instant Screenshot Retrieval – quickly display the user’s screen for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Communicate with Users – send rich text messages with reply options, live chat with users.

All of ControlUp’s actions were designed carefully to address the needs of experienced and well-skilled IT administrators. This is why most ControlUp actions are performed instantly without confirmation dialog boxes or wizards. An instant report on the actions’ result is readily available for viewing, which is especially handy when an action is performed on multiple targets.