End Users Support and Remote Assistance

The task of providing efficient end-user support and remote assistance for large user populations is becoming ever more complex. The multitude of endpoint technologies such as terminal services, Citrix, VDI and traditional desktops coupled with the new degrees of separation and layers of complexity presented by virtualization technologies, makes agile and effective end user support even more challenging.

ControlUp takes end user support and remote assistant to a new level. Help Desk personnel get a whole range of tools and capabilities to support end users – all within the larger context provided by ControlUp’s comprehensive real-time visibility into the managed environment. Here is a summary of several key features of ControlUp targeted for everyday technical support challenges.

User session rapid location – ControlUp’s session view provides a continuous and flexible display of all user sessions, across all Windows OS instances running in your environment. By typing the first few characters of a user’s name, a technical support professional can locate all currently active sessions for the user, whether on their physical endpoints, VDI machines or terminal servers. This saves the support personnel the tedious tasks of locating the computer IP or station name or searching for the correct server in a terminal farm.

Real-time session performance data – for each user session, ControlUp displays a number of vital performance metrics, such as CPU and memory usage, page faults and more. A flexible threshold may be configured for every such metric so that ControlUp will alert the support personnel when they fall out of the accepted range. A drill-down to the process level enables “Task Manager”-like capabilities on any remote computer, often resolving the problem without interfering with the user’s session at all.

Group Policy bypass – Quite frequently, Group Policy restrictions prevent support personnel from investigating the issue effectively, since access to management tools and consoles is blocked. ControlUp enables support personnel to disable, refresh and re-apply Group Policy restrictions remotely and thus investigate issues on the spot without interruption to the end user’s work.

Getting session screenshots – ControlUp enables an instant screenshot of user activity to be taken, which frequently provides a wealth of useful information about the issue, without instructing the user to describe the issue or provide screenshots manually.

Easier Remote Assistance – The good old Windows Remote Assistance is facilitated with ControlUp by making the invitation and connection process transparent both to the end user and the support professional. Also, Group Policy Remote Assistance settings are automatically configured upon connection, providing rapid access to this common support tool.

In summary, ControlUp simplifies end users support, regardless of these users’ endpoint technology, offering a full range of troubleshooting tools and diagnostic actions performed from within the users’ session context. Please see links below to download ControlUp and get more information.