IT managers and information security personnel face the challenge of regulatory compliance, which requires all file system access to be thoroughly documented and controlled. Various widely accepted compliance standards, such as SOX, PCI and HIPAA require time-consuming reviews and audits, aiming to assure that all file system access in the enterprise is regularly reviewed and approved.

SecReport is an essential file system security reporting solution that allows IT and InfoSec professionals to gain an unprecedented level of control over the overgrowing file system access lists, including the ability to track changes, prepare for information security audits and investigate security incidents in a rapid and efficient manner.
SecReport facilitates regulatory policy compliance by providing information frequently required during various security audits such as HIPAA or SOX. When required to present evidence for the implementation of adequate file system permissions, SecReport is a must-have tool on your security audit checklist.

SecReport is an NTFS permissions reporting solution designed to address the challenge of compiling a clear yet comprehensive view of permissions on complex file systems. SecReport allows grouping, sorting and filtering by every column of the report, so it is easy to display the other users who have similar access levels, or belong to the same groups. If required during an information security audit, it is possible to focus on specific sensitive locations or on specific file owners.

Similar to many classic policy compliance software solutions, SecReport also addresses the need for trend tracking. When comparing a current report with a previously saved report, SecReport provides a separate display of permissions added or removed. Any saved report can be compared with any other saved report, allowing for data access trend tracking and historical analysis.

When run and analyzed regularly, reports produced by SecReport provide a complete overview of effective permissions in your environment, allowing for rapid identification of trends and assisting the ongoing compliance of your file systems with regulatory standards and desired data access levels.

SecReport is licensed in two flavors:

Software Capabilities

SecReport Light

SecReport Enterprise

Report’s display, export, filter, sort, exclude and include functionsticktick
Compare Permissions Changes since previous runnotick
Schedule report generationnotick
Automatically send permissions report via e-mailnotick
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Current version1.5.9.7
Release dateMay 7, 2013
File size28MB
Operating system

Windows 8

Windows Server 2012

Windows 2008 (32/64 bit)

Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows 7 (32/64 bit)

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows Server 2003

Trial limitations14 days limit.
250 entries per report