NEW App-V Community Script Based Actions

The ControlUp user community has been very busy over the past few weeks putting together some new Script Based Actions (SBAs) for your scripting pleasure.  A big shout out to Nicholas Cecere and Nathan Sperry who came up with the ideas for these SBAs and were willing to share their expertise.

Test App-V Publishing Servers 
Published App-V Application List
List all App-V Packages 
Enable App-V…

How to compare Microsoft / Citrix hotfixes via ControlUp

During the last couple of months, we have received many requests to add a hotfix management tool to ControlUp that will enable viewing, comparing and ultimately installing hotfixes on multiple target computers. I wanted to use this blog post for 2 purposes, first, update you guys that we ARE working on a new ControlUp feature called ‘Programs and Updates Controller’…

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