ControlUp Insights – Historical Reporting & Analytics for End-user Computing

It’s a big day here at ControlUp! Today we released our new analytics and historical reporting platform, ControlUp Insights, together with a new version of our Real-time console – ControlUp 5.0.

Last year, we spent a lot of time speaking with our customers, EUC community leaders and industry experts in order to understand the requirements and expectations from a system that provides…

VDI Monitoring: What You Don’t Know You’re Missing

How do you know that what you understand to be all-encompassing isn’t actually quite as extensive as you might have thought? Surely when you buy an all-inclusive package, you can feel safe in the knowledge that the words all-inclusive are a dead giveaway. Apparently this is not necessarily true, as while nothing is completely perfect, so this is as true…

Troubleshooting Citrix PVS Issues with ControlUp

Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) is a popular technology to manage XenApp and XenDesktop images in Citrix environments. PVS enables multiple desktops or servers to boot from a single VHD based image thus simplifying image management and eliminating the need to update and patch individual systems.

In this blog post we will cover some common PVS issues and challenges Citrix admins might encounter,…

Monitor Citrix PVS Retries with ControlUp

If your environment contains a Provisioning Services Server, then you won’t want to miss this Script Based Action (SBA). With ControlUp and this SBA you will know if there is a high amount of Target Device retries.

Get PVS Target Device Retries

When working with PVS, I/O transactions happen between the local driver on a target device machine, the network and the…

PVS Write Cache Size via PowerShell

Matthew Nichols put together a great script with PowerShell and wrote a blog about it called Monitoring Citrix PVS ‘Cache in RAM’ Size. The script that he built, allows you to monitor the PVS RAM write cache size on multiple servers. As you probably know, using the task manager to check usage is not very practical and that’s where his…

ControlUp 1.3.0 and Citrix Provisioning Services 6

Hello All,

Just wanted to publish an update about a recent issue with Citrix PVS 6 and ControlUp version 1.3.0.

The issue was uncovered with the help of two members of the ControlUp user community, Simon Teale of Sportingbet and Daniel Negru of SCH Group, whom we’d like to thank on this opportunity.

It turns out that the PVS Configuration Wizard and the…

How to compare Microsoft / Citrix hotfixes via ControlUp

During the last couple of months, we have received many requests to add a hotfix management tool to ControlUp that will enable viewing, comparing and ultimately installing hotfixes on multiple target computers. I wanted to use this blog post for 2 purposes, first, update you guys that we ARE working on a new ControlUp feature called ‘Programs and Updates Controller’…

Finally – use ControlUp on any PC !

Hi Everyone,

One of the major features requested by our users is the ability to run ControlUp from a PC (typically a laptop) that is not a member of the corporate domain. Until now, domain membership was a mandatory prerequisite for the machine running ControlUp. Mainly road-warrior IT consultants, cloud admins and freelance experts were impacted by this limitation, since they…

ControlUp is going commercial

Today ControlUp is entering its commercial phase. With thousands of systems administrators and IT specialists around the world using ControlUp to make their day-to-day monitoring and management more efficient and responsive, we feel like this is the time to start offering licensing packages for sale to larger organizations.
With the new pricing we have announced today, we are able to keep…

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