Last week Jo Harder, a senior virtualization architect, released a blog post and a white paper on Citrix Monitoring 3rd party tools that complement the existing EdgeSight/Director offering. I think Jo did a thorough work covering the major players in the market and I want to thank her for allowing us to publish parts of the white paper in this blog post.
ControlUp was one of the tools Jo reviewed, along with eG Innovations, Lakeside Systrack and Splunk. The white paper includes a comparison table and overall highlights for each product. For your convenience, I am attaching here the overall highlight on ControlUp and the full comparison table:

ControlUp overall highlight

Smart-X ControlUp is a newer product that is easy to use and visually appealing. It includes several unique features, and a few basic features are on the roadmap but not yet part of the product. ControlUp is largely suitable as is, and it will likely become a formidable player in the monitoring marketplace in short order.

Comparison/Analysis of Citrix vs. Third-Party Monitoring Tools

Vendor / Functionality eG Innovations Lakeside Systrack Smart-X ControlUp Splunk Citrix Director 2.1 / EdgeSight Citrix Director 7.x
Vendor / Functionality eG Innovations Lakeside Systrack Smart-X ControlUp Splunk Citrix Director 2.1 / EdgeSight Citrix Director 7.x
Key Monitoring Tools by Platform
XenApp 6.x Dir for 6.5 only No
XenDesktop 5.x Limited scalability for ES No
XenApp / XenDesktop 7.x No
Basic Functionality
Server Health Monitoring
ICA/HDX Channel Monitoring
Login Performance (inc. Profile)
Delegated Admins
Additional Modules / Components
Storage No Limited
Hypervisor Q3 2014 No
Others Available Endpoints, desktops Endpoints, Servers Any machine data n/a NetScaler
Agent Agent or agentless Depends Built-in
Server/VDI-side changes None None None None WinRM WMI proxy
Console Server Resources 2 CPUs, 4GB Ram 2 CPUs, 4GB Ram 8% avc CPU/800MB RAM Depends Depends Depends
Admin Training Yes, provided Minimal Not required Yes Yes Yes
Database Type SQL Server or Oracle SQL Server Express or full In-RAM/cloud None SQL Server SQL Server
Retention Period (default) 13 months 3 years Unlimited Forever 30 days 90 days
Data Archive Available Via SQL n/a Built-in Via SQL Via SQL
Data Security SSL, AD integration Full/end-to-end Login/encryption Encryption, certificates None SSL optional
Application Monitoring
App Latency No No No
App Resources No No
Launch Frequency
Launch Time Q2/15 No w/HDX Insight
User Sessions
Drilldown into Metrics
Involuntary Disconnections No No
Recover Version
Printer Errors No No
Latency w/HDX Insight
Min/Max No No
Idle No No
Identify Network Failure No No
Users, Servers or Endpoints Servers or users Per desktop, server, RDS # CCUs and admins Daily volume Platinum (full features) Platinum (full features)
Separate License Server No No No No
Free Version No FastTrack (Citrix Project Accelerator) <50 user sessions Yes Platinum Platinum
Trial Period 30 days 60 days 30 days 60 days n/a n/a
Upgrading to XA/XD 7.x
Same Console No No
Same Database n/a No No
Changes to Config Reconfiguration required Minimal No Yes Migration required Migration required

Yoni Avital

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