We are excited to release ControlUp 1.2 which includes more than a few additions from our community wishlist. Here’s a summary of the new features we hope will become your favorite:

  • Monitoring features – ControlUp is now much friendlier to the performance monitoring crowd, with a suite of monitoring innovations so cool they deserve their own post. Please note that the new default closing behavior for ControlUp minimizes it to the system tray, where it continues running and alerting you about performance bottlenecks.
  • Files Controller – Those of you who enjoy managing the Registry and Services simultaneously on multiple machines using our Controllers (formerly Dashboards) are likely to enjoy this one. ControlUp now allows you to browse the local file systems on your managed computers simultaneously using the Files Controller. Using it, you can quickly compare folders and files on different systems, deploy and gather files instantly to different machines and perform all the major file system operations (copy, delete, rename) just as easily as you would on a single computer. Some creative usage scenarios include gathering logs, quickly patching software and comparing file versions, while we’re certain you will find many more.
  • Enable the .Net Framework remotely – In environments running Windows Server 2008+ and Windows 7, it is now easier to deploy ControlUp agents even if the managed computers do not have the .Net Framework feature enabled. The Add Computers wizard now includes a “Deploy .Net Framework” option which will seamlessly enable these computers to meet the prerequisites for adding them to ControlUp.
  • Enhanced Navigation – It is now easier to switch between ControlUp’s various views. Right above the information grid we have added a row of dynamic navigation buttons similar to the new Windows Explorer path display. A right-click on a process or user session now allows you to jump to the computer hosting that process or session. It is also possible to establish an RDP connection using a right-click on any event in the Events pane, in case you need to connect to the machine for further investigation of the event.

We hope you enjoy these additions and find them useful in your networks.

It is worth noting that offline users will need to re-generate their offline authentication request for this version of ControlUp. Also, an update in the Remote Desktops pane will require you to re-enter any credentials you might have saved using earlier versions. For the full list of changes in this version, please see the release notes.

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