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Hello All,

Just wanted to publish an update about a recent issue with Citrix PVS 6 and ControlUp version 1.3.0.

The issue was uncovered with the help of two members of the ControlUp user community, Simon Teale of Sportingbet and Daniel Negru of SCH Group, whom we’d like to thank on this opportunity.

It turns out that the PVS Configuration Wizard and the PVS Console rely on DNS resolution for enumerating the NICs on the provisioning server. Since ControlUp agent uses DNS resolution to discover A (Host) records for diagnostic purposes, an unfortunate condition arises wherein PVS does not enumerate NICs correctly when ControlUp agent is running. Specifically, you will only see those NICs that have been registered in DNS.

This behavior of PVS was acknowledged by Citrix and is currently under their review. ControlUp code has been modified to circumvent this issue anyway, with the fix scheduled for release in version 1.3.0. If you are managing PVS 6 servers with ControlUp 1.3.0, you are advised to register all the NICs on the PVS server with DNS as a workaround until version 1.3.1 is released.

Thanks again to Simon and Daniel, as well as to Anshul Thakur from Citrix for tracking this one down with us.

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