Last week I had the pleasure to present and discuss ControlUp in a DABCC Live Webinar, the webinar was quite cool, with lots of interesting questions from the audience. The first part was a general discussion about the challenges that ControlUp solves and a quick overview of ControlUp 1.x capabilities, during the second part of the webinar, I demoed some of the new features available in ControlUp 2.0.

ControlUp 2.0 is the first major release update since we launched ControlUp 1.x back in September 2011, and all of us here at Smart-X are quite excited about this one! Here is a list of some of the new stuff available in version 2.0:

• Central Configuration
• Full Permissions Delegation
• New Folders View
• Programs and Updates Controller
• Enhanced UI
• Windows 8 / Server 2012 support
• Enhanced Stress Settings Module
• Event log alerts

To see some of ControlUp 2.0 new features in action, simply jump to 0:42:30, where we start discussing the new version.

ControlUp 2.0 is scheduled for release January 2013, stay tuned to our blog area to get some more info and updates on the new version.

Happy Holidays,
Yoni Avital

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