Great news for our Beta Program members !

ControlUp 2.0, our brand-new enterprise-ready release is now available for download.

Join the Beta Program and enjoy our newest features:

  • Central Configuration – share your organization tree with your colleagues and collaborate easily on management and monitoring tasks.
  • Security Policy – delegate administrative tasks and allocate permissions for different folders to ensure everybody on your team has the right tools for the job.
  • Stress Level Customization – fine-tune your Stress Level settings to adjust it to the special needs of your environment and make it easier to spot performance bottlenecks or overloaded resources.
  • Folders View – Aggregated view of resources grouped by folder, which allows you to keep an eye on the total utilization of your farms and server groups.
  • Plenty more – new performance columns and management actions, full-screen view, Programs and Updates Controller, a brand-new look and more exciting new features with ControlUp 2.0 !

It’s fresh out of the oven, so feel free to join in and go 2.0 !

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