ControlUp 3.0, our next major release, is right around the corner. With CU 3.0 beta published to the beta community early January (feel free to join the beta program by sending an e-mail to, I figured it’s a good time to update our community about the great new features available in ControlUp 3.0.

ControlUp 3.0 is all about community feedback! In this new release we were able to include a host of new features that were requested by our user community, some of which go back all the way to the original ControlUp release in September 2011. Long anticipated features like e-mail alerts, enhanced triggers, popular Citrix columns (think about ICA session latency and XenApp Load Evaluator) and much more are included in this new release.

During the next couple of weeks we will publish a series of blog posts, each covering one major feature in ControlUp 3.0. This release is huge, so expect to free up some reading time!

After this long intro, here is a quick description of the major new features in ControlUp 3.0:

  • ControlUp Triggers & E-mail Alerts

    A whole new concept in 3.0, ControlUp triggers allow you to monitor specific incidents in your environment, configure follow-up actions and log the incidents to a central database for historical analysis. ControlUp 3.0 can monitor a variety of incidents in your environment, including whenever a computer or process cross a certain stress level, Windows Events, Services and others. The follow-up actions include an e-mail alert option, so finally ControlUp admins can be notified via e-mail when important incidents occur in their environment.

    ControlUp 3.0 ‘Add New Incident Trigger’ Screen

  • The Incidents Pane

    A new pane in ControlUp 3.0, the Incidents pane aggregates all the incidents that occurred in your environment in the last 2 weeks and allows you to analyze, drilldown and correlate them in order to perform troubleshooting and root cause analysis. The incidents database is populated by incidents created by default built-in ControlUp triggers as well as manually configured triggers. This pane includes powerful analytics capabilities like visualizing the correlation between different incident types and filtering the entire incident database using an advanced search filter.

    ControlUp 3.0 Incidents Pane

  • Script Based Actions

    Over the last 2 years we received dozens of requests from our community to add build-in actions, like disable XenApp logons, assign load evaluators, delete user profile and so on. Script Based Actions (or SBA as we call it internally), probably the coolest new feature in ControlUp 3.0, allows any ControlUp admin to dynamically add management actions into the console by importing existing PowerShell, VB or batch scripts. Once you import your favorite script into the console you can use ControlUp to quickly choose the relevant target computers, execute the script and view a detailed results screen. You can also use our powerful permission delegation feature to delegate specific SBA’s based on Active Directory groups. Think how much load you can reduce from the system team by delegating actions like ‘Restart Print Spooler’ to your helpdesk team. Another cool aspect of this feature is the community actions – ControlUp actions that were uploaded to the online library by ControlUp customers or Smart-X experts and can be downloaded and used in any ControlUp organization.

    ControlUp 3.0 ‘Organizational script-based actions’ screen

  • Enhanced XenApp & XenDesktop support

    Following numerous requests from Citrix admins and in order to allow tighter integration with XenApp & XenDesktop, we added a bunch of new columns that help monitor and manage Citrix environments. These include XenApp columns like Load Evaluator, Worker Group, Zone Name, number of published applications and XenDesktop columns like Desktop Group, Desktop kind, Desktop State, and so on. We also added the much requested ICA Session Latency column that allows you to see the ICA session latency of every user in your environment in real-time.

    ControlUp 3.0 New XenApp Columns

  • ControlUp Monitor Service

    The new ControlUp Monitor Service is designed to run as a back-end system service and allow 24/7 support for features like trigger alerting, incident logging and scheduled exports of ControlUp performance data to CSV files. The Monitor Service will nullify the need to keep an interactive ControlUp console running in order to support 24/7 scheduled exports of data files. Multiple Monitor Services can be deployed in order to support high availability for monitoring and scheduled exports.

    ControlUp 3.0 ‘Manage ControlUp Monitors’ Screen

  • User Interface Lockdown

    ControlUp 3.0 includes a new ADMX template that allows locking and customizing the ControlUp console UI using the built-in Microsoft Group Policy engine. The feature is especially useful when publishing the ControlUp console to other teams in the enterprise such as the helpdesk and NOC teams.

    ControlUp 3.0 ADMX Template

  • Per-folder Column Presets

    ControlUp 3.0 has a wealth of columns that can be used to monitor different types of resources, including but not limited to XenApp servers, XenDesktop VM’s, View VM’s and general purpose servers. The new per-folder column preset allow you to assign a different set of columns to each folder so only relevant columns will be shown once you focus on a folder

    ControlUp 3.0 Preset Columns per-folder Screen

  • Other Features

    besides all features mentioned above, ControlUp 3.0 includes allot of other features that were requested by our community:

    • ControlUp agent .Net Framework 4.5 support
    • Get Session Screenshot with granular permissions
    • Parent record view
    • Set process priority
    • For a full list of new features please review our Release Notes

Please stay tuned to our blog section for new blog posts on ControlUp 3.0 features and release updates.

Yoni Avital

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