One small and powerful ControlUp feature which often goes unnoticed by many users is the ability to use advanced search filters inside ControlUp main views. Since this seems to be a pretty useful feature, I decided to share this with our community and present some use cases.

Let’s start with something simple like filtering the Computers View, here is a screenshot of the Computers View in my lab environment:

Now, if I want to filter the view to show only my Domain Controller (CUDC1), I can simply type “CUDC1” in the search box and I am good to go. But what if I want to filter the view to show my Domain Controller and my Provisioning Server (CUPVS01)? This is where the advanced search filters kicks-in, to accomplish this, I simply need to type the following string inside the search box – “cudc1|cupvs01”, here is the result:

As you can see, I can use the pipe (“|”) character to apply advanced search filters on any view.

Let’s consider one more use case, assuming I want to compare the HKCU Registry hive of 2 XenApp users using our good old Registry Controller, without advanced search filters I have to select the first user, hold down the Ctrl button and start looking for the other user, quite cumbersome. With advanced search filters, I can simply filter the view to show only the users I want to compare:

In this case I wanted to compare the HKCU Registry hive of user “test306” and user “test120”, so I simply typed the following search filter – “test306|test120”. Please note you can use multiple “|” in the search box, for example, typing “test306|test120|test84” will filter the view to show these 3 users.

That’s it for today, I hope you find this useful

Yoni Avital

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