The new version of ControlUp is currently undergoing beta testing and will be available for download within the next weeks.

Numerous IT pro’s around the world use ControlUp as a monitoring dashboard by sorting resource tables by different performance counter columns, such as CPU, memory usage, disk queue, etc. If you are among them, here’s a sneak peek of new features we believe you will find useful:

1. A new “Stress Level” column has been added to facilitate real-time monitoring by displaying a performance load measure based on a customizable set of counters. Using this column, stressed resources become easily identifiable even when their performance bottlenecks result from different counters.

2. Thresholds for color-coded performance counters displayed in ControlUp are now customizable in the GUI. This way, each administrator can easily adjust the conditions under which counters turn yellow or red, according to the unique baselines of their environment.

3. While running in the background, ControlUp can now display system tray notifications when resources stay under stress for a configured period of time. “Resources” in this case are, of course, machines, user sessions and processes.

When combined, these three features significantly upgrade ControlUp’s monitoring abilities. Hopefully, our user community will be able to use these features to identify performance bottlenecks more quickly and easily. Please refer to the product documentation for more information.

Stay tuned for the new version !

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