Today ControlUp is entering its commercial phase. With thousands of systems administrators and IT specialists around the world using ControlUp to make their day-to-day monitoring and management more efficient and responsive, we feel like this is the time to start offering licensing packages for sale to larger organizations.

With the new pricing we have announced today, we are able to keep ControlUp completely free for basic use. Keeping ControlUp free for basic use is part of our business strategy and we hope it will enable continuous rapid growth of the ControlUp community. We are confident that with the great value ControlUp provides today along with our exciting plans for it, many of you will find that our commercial packages are of great value.

All of your favorite features will be available in all packages of ControlUp, no matter which license you have. The number of monitored concurrent user sessions is the single difference between the packages.

On this opportunity, we would like to thank our growing user community for helping us make ControlUp better and better. We are committed to continue developing ControlUp as a valuable solution for your company’s IT, for free and paying customers alike.

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