You wouldn’t drive a race car without a speedometer!

Why deploy endpoints without monitoring their performance?

Maintain performance till the last mile!

ControlUp Digital Employee Experience management provides rich, real-time visibility across your entire EUC infrastructure, including IGEL powered endpoints. Intelligent early warning systems help to catch common issues that lead to user downtime. And our real-time troubleshooting and remediation solutions significantly shorten helpdesk calls and quickly get people back to work.

Monitor and optimize your IGEL powered devices with ControlUp

Real-time session experience insights

With 1000s of real-time performance and usage metrics presented in intuitive dashboards, IT teams gain full end-to-end views of the health of their EUC environment from the server down to the process level.

Device Performance Monitoring

Your IGEL devices can be monitored with ControlUp showing real-time performance characteristics of your endpoint. What’s the impact of advanced EUC features like enabling Browser Content Redirection? With ControlUp you will get the insights you need.

Quickly troubleshoot and remediate

ControlUp Edge DX gives you the capability to shadow, run commands or scripts on your IGEL endpoints.. No matter where the device is or if they are connected to IGEL UMS. Edge DX is the perfect tool for troubleshooting your IGEL devices.

Remote network performance monitoring

Designed for remote employees working from anywhere, view Wi-Fi and ISP performance metrics from client devices, without the need for line-of-sight to the EUC environment in your datacenter or the cloud.

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