Whether you troubleshoot an application issue inside a user session, need to send a message to users in a remote branch or log users off from a specific desktop catalog in order to complete an image update, interaction with end-users is a common routine for any Citrix admin.

Besides basic user actions like ‘Logoff’ and ‘Send Message’, ControlUp includes a rich array of contextual management actions that enable efficient troubleshooting of end-user related issues. For example, the ‘Kill Policy’ user action temporarily removes Group Policy restrictions that lockdown the user desktop, thus enabling a quick way to change settings and run commands inside a restricted user session.


Legacy applications running on older OS versions and long migration projects are just some of the reasons many enterprise customers need to support multiple XenDesktop sites and versions in their production environments. Built-in Citrix consoles such as Desktop Studio, EdgeSight and Director were not designed to support multiple XenDesktop versions and create a huge management challenge for Citrix admins.

Supporting all XenDesktop versions, including XenDesktop 5.x and the latest XenDesktop 7.x versions, ControlUp presents a unified view of all VMs and user sessions in a single console. All major troubleshooting and management features are supported on all XenDesktop versions and enable a streamlined management experience regardless of the XenDesktop site/edition being monitored.

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