During the last months, we have received numerous queries from ControlUp users anxious to leverage ControlUp for historical reporting and trend tracking purposes. After all, if ControlUp is so good at monitoring the current state of affairs in your server farm, why not allow the admin to generate historical reports?

In order to offer this functionality to existing users, without the need for complex changes in ControlUp’s architecture, we have decided to leverage the existing “Scheduled Export” feature, using which you can configure ControlUp to dump its data tables to the disk according to a customized schedule. This way, you get a comma-delimited file for every sample, as shown:

So once ControlUp is configured to dump data to disk, we have all the data we need to enable historical reporting. All we need is a method for aggregating and displaying the data in a maximally user-friendly and flexible way.

Exactly for this purpose we have created ControlUp Reporter. This utility scans data files exported by ControlUp and produces simple Excel reports. Here is an example of a “Sessions per server” report:

The reports are in Excel format, which offers several advantages:

  • No complex prerequisites or database infrastructure required
  • The raw data is always available within the file
  • The graph is easily customizable, including colors, filters and data ranges

The initial release of ControlUp Reporter includes the following reports:

  • User Sessions by Folder
  • User Sessions by Computer
  • Stress Level by Folder
  • Stress Level by Computer
  • CPU Usage by Folder
  • CPU Usage by Computer
  • Computer Processes by Sample
  • User Processes by Sample

As always, we are eager to hear our community’s feedback about this utility, and will gladly improve it to include additional reports and features.

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