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ControlUp’s Analyze Logon Duration script is just one of the ways ControlUp can help keep your EUC environment running smoothly.

Among the biggest challenges IT admins face is slow logons. A lengthy logon duration frustrates users, and often results in excess help desk calls, resulting in IT staff wasting precious resources to remediate the problems.

Now, more than ever, business continuity and delivering an exceptional user experience are vitally important. The world’s workforce is now working from home, and system administrators are under pressure to deliver a seamless end-user experience, so their teams can stay productive.

Logon Duration Optimization

That’s where ControlUp comes in. ControlUp maintains a library of 200+ scripts to help system administrators automate fixes to persistent problems, including eliminating slow logons. The ControlUp “Analyze Logon Duration” script gives admins a clear window into information related to logon duration in their environments, so they can remediate problems quickly and get their end- users back to work fast.

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