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Infrastructure Monitoring

IT Troubleshooting

Historical Analysis

ControlUp Real-Time

ControlUp Real-Time

See your world in real time, find the root cause quickly, and fix it with a few clicks.

ControlUp Real-Time
ControlUp Insights

ControlUp Insights

Turn back time to analyze past resource, user, and usage trends, assess future needs, and get Virtual Expert™ recommendations.

ControlUp Insights

ControlUp Monitoring

  • Simple, logical view
  • Real-time triggers and alerts
  • 0-60 monitoring in five minutes

ControlUp Management

  • Virtual Expert™ root cause guidance
  • Issue remediation directly from tool
  • IT community-generated scripts

ControlUp Analytics

  • Pre-migration assessments
  • Trend analysis and granular reporting
  • Virtual Expert™ optimization insights

What’s Your Scenario?

Data Center

Need more out of your data center resources? Spending too much time troubleshooting issues? See how ControlUp can help.

Data Center

End User Computing

Are performance and user experience challenges getting in the way of employee productivity? Discover how we help you get the most out of your environment.

End User Computing

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