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Troubleshooting Performance Issues

With ControlUp, datacenter administrators can quickly spot performance issues across multiple layers — from the physical hosts and VMs all the way to specific processes. Using this real-time performance data, ITOps teams can quickly detect and remedy the root cause of an issue in their environment.

Multi-layered Metrics Correlation

It is laborious, often not humanly possible, to correlate systems metrics from a multitude of sources, and arrive at an actionable conclusion.

ControlUp aggregates performance metrics from multiple layers and presents them in a unified manner, linking datastores to their associated hosts, VMs, users and processes. This allows the admin to complete deep root-cause analysis procedures within seconds.

Fine-grained Real-Time Visibility

Traditional IT monitoring systems offer an unfortunate tradeoff – observe a bird’s-eye view of your entire data center which is not very detailed, or dive into a particular workload while drowning in the multitude of metrics and details. Typically, the detailed view requires the admin to focus on a particular workload, losing sight of the bigger picture.

ControlUp offers fine-grained process-level visibility in real time, while retaining the administrator’s ability to switch quickly to the upper layers (computers, hosts, datastores, etc.) and examine current values of various performance indicators quickly and intuitively. In tandem with ControlUp’s powerful remediation abilities, real-time visibility offers immediate validation when a management action is performed — without leaving the console.

Visibility Across Clouds, Platforms and Silos

With on-prem/cloud hybrid infrastructures and complex workloads, it is common to have a combination of different management and monitoring tools – one set of tools for the on-premises workloads, and another one for the cloud-based workloads.

ControlUp’s powerful console unifies disparate environments by seamlessly connecting multiple untrusted domains and forests, and hypervisor platforms and versions, leading to reduced complexity and minimal administrative overhead.

Multi-Target Control

Traditional IT management tools are single-target by design, and multi-target operations require scripting expertise or an orchestration platform.

ControlUp offers point-and-click multi-target operations, while providing detailed feedback on the action results on every target. Furthermore, any of ControlUp’s Script-Based Actions can act on multiple targets, thus expanding the admin’s toolbox and offering invaluable time savings in times of crisis.

Historical Reporting and Analytics

It is critical to be able to look back at datacenter components behavior, ideally in fine-grained detail.

ControlUp Insights seamlessly saves all performance and usage data, offering an extensive set of reports spanning areas such as resource consumption, system health, licensing and more.


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