Exceed expectations.
Understand the true end-user experience

Why is everyone talking about the importance of a positive end-user experience? And why should it be a significant task you perform as a SysAdmin?


All of the experts say that end-user experience monitoring and management is vital to the success of your VDI deployment and operation.

You therefore need a barometer to ensure that end-user facing systems are responsive and high-performing. As the SysAdmin it is imperative you provide deep insight into your end-user experience to pinpoint anomalies and isolate issues before they occur and your users are affected.


Users today expect instant access and consistent experiences from applications to stay productive.

Since virtualization essentially disrupts the traditional relationships among hardware, operating system, and desktop applications, you must validate that performance has not degraded due to the move from physical to virtual. Quite often end-user issues are related to other performance issues and therefore it’s crucial that you see all of the metrics relating to your VDI environment in one integrated view to find root cause.

With the happiness level of your end-users dependent on the performance of your virtual network, ControlUp Real-time provides you with the deep insight that you need to understand user behavior. The ControlUp Real-time’s all-inclusive dashboard closes the visibility gap between you, the VDI SysAdmin, performance issues and what your end-users are really experiencing.
ControlUp Real-time allows you to focus on what really matters: your end-users’ actual experience. With ControlUp Real-time you get the necessary information you need in one comprehensive dashboard to track your VDI performance. By measuring total logon duration and breaking it to its sub sections– including profile, group policy and desktop load time, you get a clear portrait of your end-users’ experience which in turn has a tremendous effect on your overall VDI performance. Application load time metrics allow a further aperture into another aspect of the end user experience, providing crucial information captured in real time.
By comparing logon duration metrics you have an early warning of any developing end-user problems. For example, two end-users have big differences in their logon duration. You can easily compare the two through their logon duration metrics and pinpoint why one is working better than the other. The answer just may lie in different group policy settings or a variety of other things that you can quickly detect. And, with Script Based Actions (SBAs) you can extend the capabilities of these metrics to dig even deeper into end-user analysis.
Application load time metrics allow you to measure, monitor and benchmark the load time of any application of your choice as recorded in real time, which is displayed in the applications section of the ControlUp real time console. Application load time metrics show how long the application took to load until it was available for the end user. Application load time metrics provide a comprehensive view into the end user experience, showing the administrator where applications are loading slowly, with the built in ability to alert the admin when a time threshold is crossed per specific application via email alerts.
Bottom line, with ControlUp easily understand end-user problems as you automatically pinpoint anomalies and isolate performance issues.