Is your virtual network on par with industry standards?

How would you know if you are not applying best practices and using the plethora of information offered by your peers? With ControlUps IT insights you have reports at your fingertips to check the health of your VDI environment and compare it other companies in your industry.

Incident Analytics

A big part of your job is to quickly troubleshoot virtual network problems, find their root causes and solve them. However in today’s growing and complex VDI environments this is not an easy task. With ControlUp you can easily correlate and quickly search for patterns when performance problems occur in your virtual network. With powerful analytics capabilities such as visualizing the correlation between different incident types, filtering the entire incident database and using an advanced search filter you can quickly get to the bottom of every problem.

Trending Analysis

Quite often you are tasked with answering tough questions about your VDI environment. And finding the answers can be tricky. With trending analysis finding answers to these complex questions is a piece of cake. Ten handy reports allow you to analyze exported log files and find the answers to any virtual network related questions.

By analyzing and comparing both incidents and trends you are able to resolve issues and mitigate risk in your virtual network according to best practices and industry standards.