Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

Can I try it before I buy?

Sure you can.

After registration, you will get immediate access to all ControlUp features for 30 days. During your trial period there are no limitations on the number of sessions you can monitor. As your trial period expiration approaches, ControlUp will automatically notify you and recommend the right package. You can extend your ControlUp trial by recommending ControlUp to admins in other organizations. For every admin* who registers with ControlUp as the result of your recommendation, we will extend your free trial by 10 days (50 days max).
*Qualifying referred administrator has to be the first administrator in an organization who did not open ControlUp in the past

How will you bill me?

We offer annual and multi annual billing. billing and accept credit card payments as well as purchase orders. Our plans have the option of paper invoicing. Contact us for details.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel your account at any time before your next billing period. You won’t be charged for the next period of service.

How can I find out how many concurrent sessions I currently have?

You can view your current session usage in the licensing window within ControlUp. Click the “About” button on the Help ribbon and then click the “Licensing” button.

How is the number of concurrent sessions (CCS) calculated?

ControlUp's licensing packages are limited by the number of sessions currently established on all of your monitored machines and enforced per an AD forest.

The total sessions count is a sum of CCS user and system (services) sessions from the different machines (physical or virtual) that are monitored and managed.

    • For XenApp/RDSH/RDS server cases, ControlUp counts all current user sessions (active, idle or disconnected state) as well as an additional two sessions for the server itself. Note that a single user can be connected for two or more XenApp servers and therefore consume more than a single session.
    • For workstation cases (using Windows Client OS) whether a physical workstation or virtual workstation (VDI), ControlUp counts the workstation as a single session -even if there is no user session currently logged-in.
    • For server cases (using Windows Server OS) of any other kind (DC, Exchange, SQL, File Servers, etc.), ControlUp counts the server as if it consumes five sessions, even if no users are currently logged on to it.

For example, if you are monitoring 15 XenApp servers with 10 user sessions on each, 70 VDI workstations and 20 general-purpose servers (Exchange, DC, SQL , etc.) , you will need a license for a total of 350 sessions.