ControlUp Advanced Search Filters

One small and powerful ControlUp feature which often goes unnoticed by many users is the ability to use advanced search filters inside ControlUp main views. Since this seems to be a pretty useful feature, I decided to share this with our community and present some use cases.

Let’s start with something simple like filtering the Computers View, here is a screenshot of the Computers View in my lab environment:

Now, if I want to filter the view to show only my Domain Controller (CUDC1), I can simply type “CUDC1” in the search box and I am good to go. But what if I want to filter the view to show my Domain Controller and my Provisioning Server (CUPVS01)? This is where the advanced search filters kicks-in, to accomplish this, I simply need to type the following string inside the search box – “cudc1|cupvs01”, here is the result:

As you can see, I can use the pipe (“|”) character to apply advanced search filters on any view.

Let’s consider one more use case, assuming I want to compare the HKCU Registry hive of 2 XenApp users using our good old Registry Controller, without advanced search filters I have to select the first user, hold down the Ctrl button and start looking for the other user, quite cumbersome. With advanced search filters, I can simply filter the view to show only the users I want to compare:

In this case I wanted to compare the HKCU Registry hive of user “test306” and user “test120”, so I simply typed the following search filter – “test306|test120”. Please note you can use multiple “|” in the search box, for example, typing “test306|test120|test84” will filter the view to show these 3 users.

That’s it for today, I hope you find this useful

Yoni Avital