Finally – use ControlUp on any PC !

Hi Everyone,

One of the major features requested by our users is the ability to run ControlUp from a PC (typically a laptop) that is not a member of the corporate domain. Until now, domain membership was a mandatory prerequisite for the machine running ControlUp. Mainly road-warrior IT consultants, cloud admins and freelance experts were impacted by this limitation, since they had to connect to a domain-joined machine at every work location, which is always a nuisance for someone accustomed to working from their own laptop.

A central part of our vision with ControlUp is to supply the right tools for systems administrators. When it comes to managing large environments, having the right tools can make the difference between a few clicks and hours of frustrating and repetitive work. If you have ever caught yourself trying to get the job done in a VM console accessed from within an RDP session or two within some remote access solution or another, switching between numerous consoles and logging into machines repeatedly for a single task, then you know what I mean.

ControlUp 1.3 brings many cool features to the admin’s table (the picture above does not replace the Release Notes), but we feel that multi-domain management and support for running ControlUp from a standalone machine, along with the secure credentials store are worth special attention. From now on, anyone managing machines from multiple environments can monitor performance and perform the full range of ControlUp’s actions – on any PC. So, here’s the vision – no more hopping between dozens of RDP connections and wasting time on repetitive log-on / log-off cycles. Hope you cloud guys appreciate it !