Hot Off the Press – IT Personality Quiz Results

Citrix Synergy is a wrap and we have all had a chance to get back to the office and into the normal humdrum.  So let’s spice things up a bit and show you the results to our totally unscientific Find Your Hidden IT Personality test.  Where did you fit in on the personality scale?  Few people fell into the go-getter or caretaker roles.

Most of you fell into two major personalities.  As the Rookie you are the newbie on the team, eager to please and crave learning, mentorship and new opportunities  The other half of you are Mentors, you easily rally the troops and lead by example, providing inspiring assertive leadership to get the job done.  Funny how the masses ended up being two sides of the same coin.

We did throw in a few more “serious” questions and thought you’d find the results of these as interesting as we did…

For more information on whether your IT team is structured correctly, check out this blog.

We also asked attendees at Synergy two weeks ago which of the above are the most aggravating and there was an overwhelming response that there are just too many tools needed to get the job done.  Of course any of these issues can be solved simply and easily with ControlUp (sorry to shamelessly toot our own horn here!).  But check it out for yourself and see.  Just download ControlUp and try it for 30 days free.