My name is Ricky Trigalo, and this is why I joined ControlUp

Changing jobs is always risky and in my case, it was particularly tough because I had my dream job at VMware. Most people work on products and initiatives, and I got the opportunity to drive a disruptive innovation from ideation to consumable product in large data centers, predicting the future Cloud.

Over the past three years, I co-founded VMware’s Cloud-Exchange Accelerator Project, a smart distributed cloud platform which seamlessly locates workloads based on their behavior, SLA, price and other factors in the cloud.  This platform allows Cloud Providers to not only locate Virtual Machines based on their workload profile, but also gives them the opportunity to sell their asset capacity in spot cloud. With innovators’ creative ideas, this platform’s agility, and VMware’s muscle, we are bound to see many amazing cloud initiatives come to life. How cool is that?!

So, why did I leave that? Because ControlUp can be described in one word: Wow!

I had the opportunity to explore ControlUp technology during the last  two years ago, when we needed to explore and define VM workload profiles. We looked at several products but pretty quickly ControlUp became the clear choice for the job. We then started to see the potential ControlUp product has and I started watching the company mature. “People, market and product” has become almost a cliché but this still the best guiding principle in a company’s success.

The team is not only smart and energetic, they are willing to take risks. Not only are they people I admire, they share my vision of where IT is headed.

IT infrastructure management has been stuck in the 90s to a large extent. There must be over a hundred products that “manage your IT infrastructure” and they all fall into two categories; monitoring and analytics. Monitoring-built products are built to track every measurable metric of a system in order to ensure it runs smoothly. On the other hand, analytics systems are flexible platforms (think SIEM and log management) that run business intelligence on any kind of data.

But what about smart, fast and accurate troubleshooting? Any IT administrator will tell you they spend far more time than they imagined on finding root causes and remediating issues. And that job is getting harder because today’s environment is anything but uniform; it’s a mashup of physical, virtual, cloud, and hyper-converged systems from many vendors. Using 90s style management tools is clearly not cutting it.

That brings me to ControlUp’s technology. Asaf, Yoni, and the team have made a series of platform decisions that were risky at the time but is paying off big now; hybrid cloud deployment, an approach of combining agent with agentless data, real-time data and UI, and a powerful big data infrastructure underneath it all.

At the end, the market speaks louder than anything else. ControlUp is now the IT monitoring tool of choice at over 1,000 organizations, more and more of which are very large enterprise, and ControlUp revenue is nearly doubling every year.

But that’s history. I am even more excited about where we’re going next. ControlUp is poised to be the one critical component for every IT organization in two ways.

First, we are now leveraging our early architectural approaches to provide dramatically better infrastructure management than was ever feasible. ControlUp sees IT discovering new issues, sees how they are finding the root cause of those issues, and sees how they are fixing those issues. With visibility into over 1 million real-world user sessions per day, we are sitting on an IT troubleshooter’s goldmine. But how will we parse through more data than humanly possible? You guessed it! We’re building an amazing machine learning platform to provide early warning based on a very large number of factors, guidance through root cause analysis, and troubleshooting steps to handhold to our customers. (More on this shortly!)

Second big area is how ControlUp is becoming the must-have tool for successful deployment of new technologies being adopted by IT. We have proven this as organizations have adopted virtualization, cloud, and hyper-convergence. We will see this as our IT world starts adopting new technologies, like containers, software-defined networking and data center, and IoT. While each of these platforms improves the lives of their users, it makes infrastructure management not slightly, but exponentially more challenging. Is a platform to quickly find and fix issues critical to an organization? I think so.

I couldn’t be more excited about taking ControlUp to the next level and revolutionizing our little segment of the technology world.