NEW App-V Community Script Based Actions

The ControlUp user community has been very busy over the past few weeks putting together some new Script Based Actions (SBAs) for your scripting pleasure.  A big shout out to Nicholas Cecere and Nathan Sperry who came up with the ideas for these SBAs and were willing to share their expertise.

  1. Test App-V Publishing Servers 
  2. Published App-V Application List
  3. List all App-V Packages 
  4. Enable App-V Client Event Logs
  5. Disable App-V Client Event Logs

The above SBAs focus on helping you manage and troubleshoot App-V environments. App-V, as you may know, is an application virtualization and application streaming solution from Microsoft.

The first SBA, ‘Test App-V Publishing Servers’, does a simple ping check to see if the client can reach the publishing servers. If we cross that hurdle, then ‘Published App-V Application List’ checks to see which application packages are being published to the client device, while ‘List all App-V Packages’ will check to see which of those published packages are present on the device. And if that does not fully resolve the problems with application delivery, the last two SBAs, ‘Enable App-V Client Event Logs’ and ‘Disable App-V Client Event Logs’ will do just that, starting and stopping log collection so that more detailed information can be gathered to help admins during the troubleshooting process. These are all useful procedures to use when troubleshooting issues and these SBAs help do so efficiently for many computers simultaneously.