PVS Write Cache Size via PowerShell

Matthew Nichols put together a great script with PowerShell and wrote a blog about it called Monitoring Citrix PVS ‘Cache in RAM’ Size. The script that he built, allows you to monitor the PVS RAM write cache size on multiple servers. As you probably know, using the task manager to check usage is not very practical and that’s where his script comes in handy. Check out his post to get the code.

Script Based Actions with ControlUp

The same operation that Matthew describes in his blog post can be used within ControlUp as well. In fact Matthew built this Script Based Action (SBA) to be used in the ControlUp SBA library. The ControlUp SBA library continues to grow with these contributions – so thanks Matthew!

You can easily use this SBA by opening the ControlUp console and taking the script from the SBA repository. Add the SBA to your organization inventory and execute through a remote connection from a central location over different machines and sessions. By using the SBA Matthew created you actually extend the original PowerShell script and monitor both RAM and disk cache size.

Watch this video and be dazzled by how easy it is to use SBAs with ControlUp:

Get started and download the Get PVS Write Cache Size SBA now!  And learn how to manage and monitor your VDI environment from one single dashboard, read more here.