See All Browser URLs In The ControlUp Real-Time Console a business world increasingly dominated by browsers as more applications and more of our users’ time is spent within browsers for both internal application usage as well as external internet usage, the browser becomes a critical element to monitor for performance, user experience and security aspects.  The browser itself is a platform in which much of the application logic is derived from the URL. It becomes clear that we need the ability to trace performance, user experience and security issues to the particular URL behind them – as many of our applications are delivered to the users via browsers, the generic browser name is just not enough and we need the URL in order to correlate a specific application to that browser’s session, pinpointing the underlying problem to the correct application.

And so we are happy to introduce A new and extremely useful feature added to ControlUp in V7 – The Browser URL and the Browser URL domain are now shown in real time as metrics in the ControlUp console.

The introduction of the browser URL as a column in the ControlUp console also means that you can set triggers to get alerts about applications that are accessed via browsers. Simply type the beginning of the URL with the condition “contains” and select what to associate this with – for example, if the application is causing CPU, RAM or I/O metrics to cross certain thresholds (which you determine), ControlUp will send you a notification. No more guessing where the problem originated – now you’ll know and can be notified as soon as it happens.

See for yourself – a short video demonstrating the browser URL metrics.

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