Your Blueprint for Unbounded Productivity for IT and Employees with ControlUp

When we think of the digital employee experience today, a word that often comes to mind is “friction”. The hybrid work experience can be expensive to support, difficult to troubleshoot, and frustrating to navigate.

IT invests valuable time and resources in ticket whack-a-mole and ends up behind the curve. Departments are blaming and finger-pointing. Vulnerabilities can go undiscovered. All while employee productivity, onboarding, and experience are impacted.

What if there was a better way? What if employees didn’t feel the pain of long ticket times, cyber threats were mitigated, and costs were minimized?

Processes and remediation would be automated.

Employees would be happier and able to stay in the flow all day.

And IT would get more time to focus on the strategic initiatives that drive the business forward.

At ControlUp, we understand the powerful impact that the right tools can have. Helping you deliver unbounded productivity for IT and employees is what we do.

This four-part blog series will explore why more organizations are implementing digital employee experience (DEX) strategies and tools and how ControlUp is leading this evolution of the digital workplace.

In the first installment of the series, we will focus on the three key elements required for your organization to deliver unbounded productivity for IT and employees. Future blogs will dive deeper into the associated ControlUp product features.

Increased Importance of Digital Employee Experience (DEX)

Companies of all sizes, in all industries, are implementing digital employee experience (DEX) solutions to help lower IT costs, enhance security, and enable more autonomous, proactive, and human-centric operations.

In 2023 less than 20% of organizations had an established DEX strategy, team, and management tool, according to a Gartner study. However, this number is expected to rise to 50% by 2025[1].

ControlUp is at the forefront of this shift, helping organizations realize the far-reaching benefits of DEX.

The Three Pillars of Unbounded Productivity for Your Organization

1: An Autonomous and Empowered IT Organization

IT teams spend hours on helpdesk tickets and technology issues with little time left to focus on delivering strategic outcomes, like increasing efficiency and improving operational agility.

What’s needed is better visibility into issues, so troubleshooting and remediation can become more autonomous and proactive.

With features like employee experience scoring and insights, proactive notifications, and GenAI chatbot, ControlUp lets you see and easily address issues before they impact the employee experience. Our DEX management platform allows IT to automate fixes and improve operational agility to stay ahead of the game and on top of strategic priorities.

2: A Superior and Secure Experience for IT and Employees

Workers today have more choices and expectations than ever before. Employees become frustrated when work is disrupted due to slow technology or security issues. In addition, security threats are ubiquitous, and desktop admins are often responsible for implementing security policies but lack the tools to verify compliance.

IT needs to seamlessly support workers, wherever and however they work. All while quickly and effectively addressing security vulnerabilities.

This is why the ControlUp DEX platform delivers an end-to-end solution, with powerful real-time visibility and data collection every 3 seconds. So you know about issues before they happen and can troubleshoot quickly.

Additionally, ControlUp Secure DX allows IT to verify security compliance and address vulnerabilities faster, reducing risk for the organization.

3: A Cost-Efficient and Sustainable Digital Workplace

For many companies, sustainability initiatives are now standard and budget pressures are real. Organizations may look for ways to reduce costs and improve sustainability within their IT environment.

We have seen how over-spec’d VDI and DaaS environments, redundant tools, and unused licenses drive up costs. We also know that metrics like experience and performance scores can influence device refresh decisions, a common element of sustainability initiatives.

ControlUp helps IT reduce costs with sizing recommendations for VDI and DaaS environments, so you invest in only what you need. It also helps eliminate redundant tools and unused licenses. To help meet sustainability goals, IT can gather relevant metrics to move toward a performance-based refresh cycle.

Elevate IT. Elevate Your Business.

In a landscape often characterized by friction and inefficiencies, a powerful DEX management tool enables IT to be more autonomous and empowered, deliver a superior and secure experience, and be more cost-efficient and sustainable.

ControlUp transforms IT organizations with the tools to proactively resolve issues, enhance security, reduce IT costs, and boost productivity. With ControlUp, you can deliver truly unbound productivity to IT and employees.

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[1] Gartner, “Market Guide for DEX Tools,” October 9, 2023