Want to keep users happy and productive? According to these peer reviews on Gartner, ControlUp Edge DX is the key.

Monitoring = freedom? Sounds like the oxymoron of the century. But when it comes to the devices and applications your employees rely on, comprehensive monitoring is the exact way to give them the freedom to do their best work.

Why? Because comprehensive, real-time monitoring detects issues sooner. It can identify anomalous patterns that would go unnoticed with more sporadic investigation. When you have a solution like ControlUp, comprehensive monitoring can lead directly into analysis and even automated remediation—often without the employee even knowing there was an issue in the first place. That means they aren’t hampered by glitches, downtime, lags, connectivity problems, or technical shenanigans that disrupt their flow and limit their potential.

And if seamless monitoring and remediation seem helpful for employees, imagine how it would feel for your IT team. No more mountains of tickets and constant Whac-A-Mole troubleshooting. Finally, the freedom to focus on strategic tasks and elevated concerns that demand their unique skill sets.

Take it from them

We already knew that comprehensive monitoring is incredibly valuable, but it has been gratifying to watch rave reviews roll in for ControlUp Edge DX on Gartner’s Peer Review board. One reviewer says Edge DX is “a fantastic tool that gives us an incredibly nice overview of user experience and monitoring.” Another says, “ControlUp sets the bar for DEX monitoring and data collection.”

But what makes ControlUp’s monitoring so “fantastic”? For starters, it covers all the bases, from system performance to application responsiveness. Another reviewer sums it up nicely: “ControlUp will show me a comprehensive monitoring experience across environments; I can see how the estate is performing, user logon times, and where bottlenecks are.”

Those insights are gold because they speak directly to what it’s like to work for your company. Is it frustrating or streamlined? Convoluted or intuitive? Are employees in a blissfully productive flow state or banging their heads (proverbially, we hope!) against the wall?

Another review captures the importance of this information: “ControlUp Edge DX enables organizations to better serve their most costly resource. Their people! 70%+ of an organizations cost can come from labor, and ControlUp enable[s] you to understand how you can make the experience and productivity of your people even better no matter what device or location they work from.”

In other words, ControlUp helps you keep your users smiling and your bottom line healthy.

Again, you can take the reviewers’ word for it. Just ask the healthcare organization that used ControlUp to identify and crush a persistent login time issue, slashing average login times in half and sending user satisfaction soaring.

Comprehensive monitoring is like finally finding the light switch after stumbling around a room in the dark while trying to use the flashlight on your phone. Ahh. Finally, the whole picture. No dark corners. Nothing nefarious lurking in the shadows. Nothing to trip over. If something had been lurking in the shadows, ControlUp would have already noticed it, analyzed it, and remediated it before you set foot into the room. Go ahead, keep on moving forward.

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