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Show All GPO Results 1.7.8

This GPO runs gpresult for a specific user on a specific computer and displays the results in IE in HTML format. This SBA may not work if the console is in not in the same domain as the target computer. tags:GPO
Created: 2017-06-15
Modified: 2017-06-15
Creator: Zeev Eisenberg
Downloads: 282

Find Folder Redirection Errors 1.1.5

This script looks for Folder Redirection errors (Event ID 502) that occurred on the selected managed computer within the last 30 days. tags:FileRedirection, EventLog,
Created: 2017-05-21
Modified: 2017-05-28
Creator: Carl Webster
Downloads: 202

ICA Session RoundTripTime 2.2.39

The script runs for 20 seconds and measures (once every 2 seconds) the ICA RTT and network latency of the relevant session. The output shows the session info (username, device name/IP, session name/ID) and 10 reads (once every 2 seconds) of the session's ICA RTT and network latency in seconds. tags:ICA, Citrix, network latency
Created: 2017-03-20
Modified: 2017-04-23
Creator: Gadi Feldman
Downloads: 236

View User's Word & Excel AutoSave Locations 1.2.3

tags:ICA, Citrix, network latency
Created: 2017-02-13
Modified: 2017-02-13
Creator: Nicholas Gross
Downloads: 63

Get NVIDIA vGPU Details 1.0.5

Retrieves details of the vGPU installed in the target vm. Please note, this has only been tested on a vSphere environment so far. tags:GPU,WMI,vGPU,NVIDIA
Created: 2017-02-02
Modified: 2017-02-02
Creator: Andrew Morgan
Downloads: 69
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