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Trim Process Working Sets 1.6.9

Completely empty or trim process working sets to a specific size in order to make more memory available for other processes/users. The memory is paged oiut and pages of this will be paged back in if the process needs it. WARNING. If too many processes are trimmed too frequently, performance can suffer due to hard page faults so use with caution
Created: 2019-07-25
Modified: 2019-08-04
Creator: Guy Leech
Downloads: 340

Adjust Process Priority based on Session State 1.5.8

Adjusts the process priority in a users session based on its state. Active = Normal Idle / Disconnect = Process Priority Floor
Created: 2019-07-25
Modified: 2019-08-04
Creator: Trentent Tye
Downloads: 356

Extend a Logical Disk to maximum partition size for that volume 1.0.5

Leverage PowerShell commands as described in : to extend a logical disk to the maximum available size tags:%FreeSpace<15,FreeSpace,
Created: 2019-07-03
Modified: 2019-07-03
Creator: mc
Downloads: 61

Cap Memory of Process 1.1.2

Set the maximum working set size for a process such that it cannot consume more than that amount of memory. Gives the ability to set a memory limit on a process, such as one with a known memory leak, so that it cannot consume more than the maximum memory specified via the parameter. Additional memory allocations will be allowed by the OS paging out some of the existing working set, generally the least recently used. tags:memory, working set
Created: 2019-06-10
Modified: 2019-12-12
Creator: Guy Leech
Downloads: 48

Clear a Computer OrgID 2.6.15

When a Computer was previously managed by another organization it will not accept connections form another (new) organization. To resolve this, the script will stop a running agent and clear the registry settings locking a running agent to an Organization. This script will also clear any previous ControlUp Agent customizations The script will restart the ControlUp Service at the end Documentation: Limitation: Target computers need to be resolved by hostname and the user executing the script must be a local admin in that computer Due to multiple remote actions, this script might take up to 2 minutes to execute tags:memory, working set
Created: 2019-06-05
Modified: 2019-07-31
Creator: christian.zorn
Downloads: 22

Get WMI provider details 2.2.5

Queries the WMI Event Log to show details for a WMI provider running within a WMIPRVSE process tags:wmi, wmiprvse
Created: 2019-05-24
Modified: 2020-06-07
Creator: Matt Reba
Downloads: 39

Reduce Session Bandwidth Consumption 4.5.14

When connecting to a remote session, the more graphics data sent the more bandwidth is needed. While modern protocols like HDX and Blast adjust, when task workers have extremely low bandwidth available (less than 1 or 2 Mbps) they might benefit from a simple trick: Reduce the maximum frames per second sent instead of sacrificing image quality and/or responsiveness. This script modifies the VMware Blast_VDI and Citrix sesison registry keys and therefore it is recommended to implement policies that would revert this to the desired defaults (periodically or upon reconnect) tags:wmi, wmiprvse
Created: 2019-05-13
Modified: 2019-10-17
Creator: mc
Downloads: 99
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