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Show frequent warning events 1.6.23

Show all warning events from all event logs on the selected computer, ordered on the most frequent, in the specified time period where there is more than one instance of that specific event. Arguments: Minutes Back - the number of minutes back from the current time to search (default is 60) Log Level - the event log level to search for events (default is Warning) Excluded log names - an optional regular expression, e.g. "Application", which will exclude events from any event logs where the event log name matches the regular expression. tags:Warning,Event Log
Created: 2018-07-06
Modified: 2018-11-21
Creator: Guy Leech
Downloads: 83

Analyze Logon Duration 7.23.145

Get a detailed overview of the most recent logon process for a specific user. This script queries the event log for every major event that relates to the logon process. Use this action to track down which phase is responsible for delays during the logon process. Uses WMI to retrieve pre-Windows logon phase data from Citrix so does not use OData and therefore does not need credentials tags:logon duration, desktop, xendesktop, horizon, fslogix, appvolumes, citrix, vmware
Created: 2018-07-02
Modified: 2020-06-07
Creator: Guy Leech
Downloads: 1629

Ivanti Deployment Agent - Change Deployment Group 1.0.15

Moves a computer to a new deployment group using the ccacmd.exe utility on the endpoint. Note 1: The Allow unregistration option MUST be enabled in the original deployment group. Note 2: The Allow self-registration option MUST be enabled in the target deployment group. This script requires Management Center 8.6 or higher. See for additional details. tags:logon duration, desktop, xendesktop, horizon, fslogix, appvolumes, citrix, vmware
Created: 2018-06-12
Modified: 2018-06-13
Creator: Landon Winburn
Downloads: 33

Show Microsoft Office add-ins 1.15.23

While add-ins enhance the functionality of Microsoft Office, in some cases they can affect performance and stability. This script will list the add-ins for a selected user session. This script leverages OfficeIns.exe from tags:Microsoft Office,Add-Ins,App Load Time
Created: 2018-06-07
Modified: 2018-12-21
Creator: Marcel Calef
Downloads: 113

Get Ivanti Environment Manager Logon Time 1.2.8

Displays how long Environment Manager held up the logon process. It will display the entire time as well as how long the Pre-Desktop trigger took to fire. This action requires the 9662 (Trigger Action Times) enabled in the EM policy for the "AppSense" event log. You may need to adjust the "Offset" at the beginning of the script according to your time zone. tags:Microsoft Office,Add-Ins,App Load Time
Created: 2018-05-24
Modified: 2018-06-05
Creator: Landon Winburn
Downloads: 129

Ivanti Application Control - Unlock 1.1.7

Unlocks the desktop by deploying a default configuration with Application Access Control, Advanced Network Access Control, and Trusted Ownership disabled. It also backs up your current config so it can be restored when the machine is re-locked. tags:Microsoft Office,Add-Ins,App Load Time
Created: 2018-05-18
Modified: 2018-05-24
Creator: Landon Winburn
Downloads: 31

Ivanti Application Control - Lock 1.1.5

Takes the previously backed up configuration and restore it to the running live configuration. tags:Microsoft Office,Add-Ins,App Load Time
Created: 2018-05-18
Modified: 2018-05-18
Creator: Landon Winburn
Downloads: 25
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