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Get Citrix connection failures 1.1.8

Query the selected delivery controller via OData to retrieve connection failure details for a specific user, or all users, within a specified number of days ago tags:citrix, vdi, xenapp, xendesktop, broker
Created: 2020-08-05
Modified: 2020-08-05
Creator: Guy Leech
Downloads: 44

List all Unregistered Powered-on XenDesktop VMs 1.2.8

This script will list all the VMs in a specific XenDesktop site that are powered on in the hypervisor and not registered to any DDC. It must be run on a XenDesktop broker. The script prompts for and requires at least a XenDesktop read-only admin account. tags:XenDesktop, DDC, Broker
Created: 2016-04-24
Modified: 2016-05-01
Creator: Matan Nataf
Downloads: 226