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Send message to Horizon user 1.2.3

Sends messages to the selected Horizon user/s. This script can be used to send messages to a single user session using the Horizon SOAP API's. It can also be used as an automated action with a fixed message and severity level. For the severity level these are allowed: INFO,WARNING, ERROR This script requires VMWare PowerCLI to be installed on the machine running the script. PowerCLI can be installed through PowerShell (PowerShell version 5 or higher required) by running the command 'Install-Module VMWare.PowerCLI -Force -AllowCLobber -Scope AllUsers' Or by using the 'Install VMware PowerCLI' script. If you get TLS/SSL errors use this command Set-PowerCLIConfiguration -InvalidCertificateAction ignore or Set-PowerCLIConfiguration -InvalidCertificateAction warn To get rid of the CEIP warning use Set-PowerCLIConfiguration -ParticipateInCeip $true or Set-PowerCLIConfiguration -ParticipateInCeip $false Credentials can be set using the 'Create credentials for Horizon View scripts' script. tags:horizon, vdi, message
Created: 2020-07-07
Modified: 2020-07-21
Creator: Wouter Kursten
Downloads: 6