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This script measures the bandwidth of a given active HDX session, and breaks down the bandwidth consumption into the most useable ICA virtual channels. The output shows the bandwidth usage in kbps (kilobits per second) of each virtual channel and the total session. This version shows only the session output (download), and not the upload.
Version: 1.2.27  |   Created: 2016-06-26  |   Modified: 2016-06-27  |   Creator: Matan Nataf  |   Downloads: 1611
Disable XenDesktop maintenance mode for the selected computer(s)
Version: 9.10.32  |   Created: 2013-11-24  |   Modified: 2023-02-23  |   Creator: Zeev Eisenberg  |   Downloads: 1457
This SBA shows the current computer Group Policy Objects applied based on the records inside the "Operational" log under "Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy".

By default the log size is configured to 4MB,
That means that this SBA can look back this much.
Consider increasing the log size to view older entries.
Version: 1.1.4  |   Created: 2016-06-07  |   Modified: 2016-06-07  |   Creator: Zeev Eisenberg  |   Downloads: 1445
When run against a user session, it will report the drive letter and UNC path of the user's mapped drives.
Version: 1.2.4  |   Created: 2015-07-13  |   Modified: 2015-07-13  |   Creator: josh_edwin  |   Downloads: 1406
Finds and displays the details of all Windows services associated with the selected process.
Version: 1.2.2  |   Created: 2014-09-18  |   Modified: 2014-09-18  |   Creator: ControlUp Support  |   Downloads: 1404
Show details for all modules in use by the chosen process including version, timestamps, size and signing information, grouped by the containing folder.
Version: 1.2.9  |   Created: 2018-11-09  |   Modified: 2018-11-20  |   Creator: Guy Leech  |   Downloads: 1383
Show configuration for all page files including the path and current and peak usage
Version: 1.3.7  |   Created: 2018-10-12  |   Modified: 2018-11-26  |   Creator: Guy Leech  |   Downloads: 1347
This script is used to clean up a disk by deleting the content of directories which are known to accumulate large amounts of useless data. By default, the following folders are emptied of files (if they exist):
%systemroot%Downloaded Program Files
%systemdrive%MSOCacheAll Users
%allusersprofile%MicrosoftWindows DefenderDefinition Updates
%allusersprofile%MicrosoftWindows DefenderScans

Extra folders to be cleaned and specific files to be removed can be added when running the script.
Option: Run CLEANMGR with all options set, and delete Volume Shadow Copies
Option: Run DISM if CLEANMGR was supposed to run but is not available
Note: The CLEANMGR option and DISM fallback remove installers of updates and old Windows versions. If either of these has been run, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO UNINSTALL UPDATES OR REVERT TO AN OLDER WINDOWS BUILD!
Version: 2.6.34  |   Created: 2018-12-02  |   Modified: 2020-12-09  |   Creator: Ton de Vreede  |   Downloads: 1310
This GPO runs gpresult for a specific user on a specific computer and displays the results in IE in HTML format. This SBA may not work if the console is in not in the same domain as the target computer.
Version: 1.7.8  |   Created: 2017-06-15  |   Modified: 2017-06-15  |   Creator: Zeev Eisenberg  |   Downloads: 1289
Enable XenDesktop maintenance mode for the selected computer(s). Highlight the target VMs, but run it on the broker for the VMs.
Version: 8.0.11  |   Created: 2013-11-24  |   Modified: 2023-02-23  |   Creator: Zeev Eisenberg  |   Downloads: 1277
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