ControlUp for Epic Hyperspace

Preventive Care for Your EUC Infrastructure Means Care For Your Patients

Performance is Critical

Performance in healthcare is critical. Patient workflows operating quickly is important. Pulling up patient information, executing a workflow, and then returning that result in a speedy manner has countless benefits. More patients looked at per hour, per day, per year, means greater efficiency, shorter wait times, and happier customers.

ControlUp’s integration with Epic provides contextually sensitive information that’s specific to the resources you want to see. By leveraging the real-time monitoring and management capabilities of ControlUp, we can invoke a request to System Pulse metrics that is specific to the machine. A simple right click on the target machine will show the Epic script-action that will pull the System Pulse data for that machine and display a graph over a time period you select. With ControlUp, you can easily compare metrics between different machines to give you a better understanding of what’s driving exception rates or performance degradation.

What Defines Performance?

Things like logon durations, application responsiveness, machine load, number of users on a server, number of servers on a host… all of these are metrics that impact performance.  ControlUp has the ability to provide visibility into the performance of each of these components and provide you this information, and all in real time.

While providing visibility can help identify pain-points, ControlUp can also execute actions on those pain-points. Being able to identify an issue and then take corrective action, immediately and in real-time, can reduce downtime, performance issues, and make users more productive. ControlUp goes further than just monitoring and management. A sophisticated trigger system gives admins the ability to automate their EUC environment. ControlUp’s automation hits on three key points: automatically remediate problems, automatically adjust resources to improve the user experience, and automatically collect contextual information to assist in problem analysis

Combining the rich features with the performance metrics collected by Epic System Pulse will give system administrators more capability than ever before to see, in clear view, what was causing performance degradation.

Session Optimization

Session optimization is a common challenge, whether you’re managing a Citrix, VMware Horizon, RDS, or WVD environment (or an environment comprised of all three).

Session optimization comes in two forms: Performance-based or capacity-based.

ControlUp can optimize both. ControlUp measures user interactivity in real time and takes automatic actions to boost resources when experience degrades. This performance-based optimization is useful during times of resource contention to ensure resource prioritization is directed where it’s needed the most.

Capacity-based optimization operates by reducing resource usage by non-productive users, freeing up valuable resources. With more memory and CPU cycles available, performance is improved and work is executed more quickly.

Historical Reporting

ControlUp Insights, our SaaS-based analytics platform, offers powerful data, detailed reporting, and actionable findings, all packaged in an easy-to-use UI with no hardware and operational investment for your team*. Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards cover all aspects of the data center.

Instant interactive drill-down technology uses points on the graphs to make it possible to drill down from one report to another while preserving the context.

The Virtual Expert sifts through thousands of data points and effortlessly highlights abnormalities in your data, highlighting key activity indicators, risk factors, and performance stats.

Leveraging anonymized metadata from thousands of data centers worldwide, the Virtual Expert enriches reports and dashboards with a comparison to a global dataset.

*Epic, Hyperspace, and System Pulse are trademarks or registered trademarks of Epic Systems Corporation.

Real-time Metrics

When a doctor calls the help desk with an issue, waiting for your performance data isn’t acceptable. They need help right then, in real time. ControlUp collects metrics in real time, so what you see is the current state. With color-coded columns, the common sense green= good, red = trouble makes it quick and easy to identify performance issues. Drilling down from one element to another helps you quickly get to the root cause of any issue.

The ControlUp Real-Time console leverages the association and correlation logic of the real-time engine to generate aggregated views of multiple data sources. These powerful grids can be sorted, grouped, filtered, or searched by any of the dozens of real-time metrics that are continuously updated.

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