Assess the Business Impact of Cloud Adoption

Computing, storage, and networking costs are often big unknowns for organizations considering broader adoption of IaaS platforms. ControlUp can analyze your existing on-premises resources utilization data and cross-reference your IaaS pricing information to help you assess the business impact of moving specific workloads to the cloud.

Monitor Hybrid Environments Through a Unified View

ControlUp gives organizations with a mix of private and public cloud workloads a unified view of CPU, bandwidth, storage and many other utilization data points. The allows IT teams to maintain optimal service levels throughout the hybrid environment and quickly pinpoint and remediate any trouble spots.

Optimize Costs in Your Hybrid Environment

As cloud usage expands, ControlUp can interface with your organization’s IaaS platform to capture and analyst ongoing cloud resource costs. Your IT team can see at-a-glance how costs are trending over time and cross-reference cost information with utilization data to simplify departmental chargebacks.

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