Assessing and Sizing Your Environment

One of the most challenging aspects of deploying a Nutanix hyperconverged architecture is sizing the new environment appropriately. Accurate sizing will ensure that your Nutanix business case is sound, will save you money, and minimize the risk of disruption to critical IT services during the transition.

ControlUp can perform a pre-migration assessment and snapshot of your current IT environment, giving your IT team a granular view of your organization’s resource needs for effective planning and budgeting. This will be a powerful resource for your IT team well beyond the initial migration, providing ongoing visibility into future infrastructure scaling needs.

Troubleshooting Infrastructure Issues

While Nutanix offers an extensive set of management tools, troubleshooting complex infrastructure issues can still be challenging. ControlUp’s unique vantage point within the guest operating system and robust analysis and troubleshooting tools make it the perfect complement to the Nutanix management console.

ControlUp will help you quickly identify the root cause of issues affecting your Nutanix environment, including complex versioning and compatibility issues at the OS and application level that are difficult to troubleshoot and diagnose with Nutanix tools alone.

Avoid Wildfires with Smart Monitoring

ControlUp allows your team to address issues proactively before they impact your end user’s experience. If performance metrics, such as resource usage cross acceptable thresholds we’ll alert your team through email or mobile push notifications, so you can ensure your infrastructure’s performance and availability.

Remediating Problems with ‘Right-Click and Resolve’ Simplicity

When problems in your Nutanix environment are discovered and diagnosed, a solution is never far away. ControlUp provides “right-click and resolve” remediation options for both routine and complex issues that arise in both in your Nutanix environment and beyond.

Historical Reporting

When you’re trying to make decisions about growing your Nutanix investment, ControlUp puts all the historical data you need at your fingertips.  Our solution allows customers to save unlimited performance and usage data and includes an extensive set of reports spanning areas such as resource consumption (host, server and even process level), system health and licensing and more.

Need to optimize your Nutanix environment and troubleshoot more effectively? Download our free tools and learn what a difference ControlUp can make today.


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