Maintaining functional, stable and mission ready physical Servers and PCs is a cornerstone of every admin’s daily routine, providing your organization and users with top notch performance and the fastest uptime. ControlUp enables you to proactively manage, monitor and troubleshoot all your physical windows based PCs and servers with real time metrics shown in a single pane of glass, personalized alerts, a stack of management capabilities and historical analysis and reports.

Troubleshooting Performance Issues

With ControlUp’s real time dashboard, IT admins can identify performance issues happening within their physical servers and PCs and quickly drill down to find the root cause at the process level.

The ability to correlate performance metrics to specific services and processes in real time makes for snappy troubleshooting and remediation, as well as swift identification of issues as they simmer before erupting into a full blown crisis.

Easier Maintenance

IT Admins know that server workloads like RDS or IIS should be cloned so that they’re an exact replication of each other. Although some vendor specific courses of action may help with this, it’s not always feasible or practical.

ControlUp puts at your disposal Controllers that allow for quick and easy maintenance of your file system, registry, service status and program/patch installation, across your entire environment. By displaying a color coded collective and comparative view it becomes very easy to spot the differences and take action - ControlUp allows for fast action in real time. Your IIS server can be easily updated or an unauthorized change can be discovered and corrected by using the controllers.

Application Troubleshooting

When a mission critical back-end application such as IIS or Apache Tomcat suddenly stops, the server admin need to quickly check and find the needle in the haystack that caused the issue. As the culprit could be anywhere in the server configuration, it’s crucial for the admin to be able to get to the root cause fast.

ControlUp allows you to get a comparative view of your Windows configuration between working and stopped servers to effectively isolate the element causing the application to fail. ControlUp’s dashboard also includes comparative views of the Windows file system, registry, services and installed programs and updates.

Historical Reporting

ControlUp Insights enables customers to save unlimited performance and usage data and offers a plethora of handy reports including details resource consumption (hosts, servers, and even processes data) and trend analysis over time with benchmark data.


In order to deal with critical server performance and configuration issues in a timely manner, server admins need to be notified in real-time when issues are detected. Common issues include specific processes like SQL server service consuming too much IOPS/CPU or critical service crashes.

ControlUp has a built-in alerting mechanism that allows server admins to build triggers based on a huge quantity of problems. By alerting the server admin team, whether by email or push notification, when service metrics cross their thresholds, ControlUp provides a clear picture for drill-down and analysis.