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Troubleshooting Performance & Application Issues

When a mission application suddenly stops working or a user’s laptop slows to a crawl, ControlUp’s real-time dashboard lets IT administrators quickly drill down to find the root cause at the process level. The ability to correlate performance metrics to specific services and processes in real-time and analyze applications streamlines troubleshooting and remediation in your environment.

Monitoring End User Experience

If your end user has enough time to make a cup of coffee when logging into their desktop or applications, something’s wrong. ControlUp lets you track logon times and other key user experience metrics across your environment in real-time. When those metrics cross set thresholds, your team is alerted, by email or a mobile push notification, and they can efficiently analyze isolate and resolve problems impacting end user experience.

Historical Reporting

ControlUp Insights enables customers to save unlimited performance and usage data and offers a plethora of handy reports including details resource consumption (hosts, servers, and even processes data) and trend analysis over time with benchmark data.

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