Maximize System Uptime and Reliability

ControlUp takes your IT team beyond the virtualization layer into the guest operating system itself to provide unparalleled troubleshooting visibility. This unique vantage point allows your IT team to assess server and desktop activity down to the individual process level, so they can quickly spot and remediate any issues affecting uptime and reliability.

Optimize Performance

The granular visibility that ControlUp provides also helps IT teams proactively optimize system performance in the data center. Through detailed analysis of resource usage, IT teams can distribute workloads effectively across their virtualized data center.

Allocate and Scale Resources Effectively

Most organizations deploy virtualization technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs. But it’s easy to over-provision virtualized servers and undermine your business case or under-provision and put service quality at risk. ControlUp gives you detailed information about your organization’s RAM and CPU usage needs, so you can right-size your initial virtualized data center deployment and scale efficiently over time.

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