Login Flow for the ControlUp Console v8.2 and Up & SOLVE

ControlUp enables ControlUp Console, Insights, and SOLVE users to log in without a password. Users are provided a one-time passcode (OTP) when first logging in and can select to be remembered on their machines. Subsequent logins happen with just a username.


The following are required to use this login approach:

  • ControlUp Monitor v8.2 or higher.
  • Users must have an Active Directory account to use ControlUp SOLVE.
  • Users must authenticate using their Windows account to be authorized in the ControlUp Console and in ControlUp SOLVE.

Login for Console

When first signing in to ControlUp v8.2 and higher, you will be prompted to enter your email address. ControlUp will send you an OTP that you must enter to verify your account.

Login for Insights

Users without SSO can log into https://insights.controlup.com/auth with their email and one-time password (OTP). For complete information about logging in to Insights, see here.

Login for ControlUp SOLVE

The following are the options for logging into ControlUp SOLVE:

  • Using the SOLVE button from the console
  • Direct URL access using either:
    • SAML Single Sign On
    • LDAP Integration

The monitor facilitates communication to the SOLVE instance in the cloud, and serves and authorizes multiple SOLVE users concurrently.

Two important factors to remember when logging into SOLVE:

  • First-time access to SOLVE must be from the link in the ControlUp Console even if you plan on using one of the direct URL methods after that first login.
  • Login to SOLVE is possible only for users who are already registered users in the ControlUp Console.

Go to SOLVE from the Console

You can always access ControlUp SOLVE by clicking the SOLVE button in the ribbon from the ControlUp Console. Whether or not SAML or LDAP (see below) is configured, your first access to SOLVE must be from the SOLVE ribbon in the Console.



SAML Login

When logging into SOLVE with SAML integration:

  • Navigate to the SOLVE instance URL, which must include the organization name (e.g. solve.controlup.com/). You are redirected to the Identity Provider (IdP) server for authentication (e.g. ADFS proxy).
  • You submit your credentials in the IdPs authentication web page and the IdP server passes the credential for internal authentication.

LDAP Login

Logging into SOLVE with LDAP integration uses a two step verification.

  • Browse to the SOLVE instance URL that you received from ControlUp’s support team, where you are prompted to enter a valid user principle name (UPN) to receive a one-time password (OTP).
  • Once you enter the OTP that first time, you are then prompted to enter your valid password and SOLVE opens.
    Note: If you don’t know your UPN, go to cmd and enter: whoami /UPN and press enter, and the your UPN should appear.
    When entering that OTP, you can select “Don’t ask again on this computer,” and the two-step verification is no longer needed to log in from that computer.


Once you have accessed SOLVE from the console, you can configure it to be accessible with a SAML or LDAP login. For details, see Configure SOLVE.

To make SOLVE accessible via SAML or LDAP: 

  1. From the lower left corner of the SOLVE dashboard, click the settings button and the Setting screen appears.
  2. From the box in the upper left corner, select either SAML Single Sign On or LDAP Integration. and the page scrolls to the selected section.
  3. Enable/disable SAML Single Sign On or LDAP Integration by toggling the Turn on/off buttons in the respective sections and the selected integration is enabled/disabled.

Note: If SAML and LDAP are both configured, only the SAML configuration works.

For more information, contact support@controlup.com 


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