Support Statement

We at ControlUp understand the importance of support services, especially in the System Administration world. Therefore we want to ensure you of our commitment to giving you the best support possible.

When you purchase ControlUp you receive Annual Support & Maintenance.  This includes free product updates and new releases, unlimited email support with 2 business day initial response and up to 6 interactive support sessions using GoToMeeting.

What you can expect:

  • The time required to resolve support questions may vary based upon your specific implementation. Our promise to you is to begin the problem resolution within the response time period of your contract and that we will make every reasonable attempt to diagnose and resolve issues in a timely manner. ControlUp does not guarantee a specific resolution time.
  • When you submit a Support request using the “Submit a ticket” option on our website you will receive an automated acknowledgement.
  • A ControlUp support engineer will contact you within the designated response time period.
  • We may be able to resolve your issue immediately. More commonly, we will request that you follow a particular course of action and then attempt to replicate the issue.
  • A ControlUp support engineer may request that you allow us to remotely log-into your system or that you temporarily change your ControlUp product setup. We may ask you to temporarily change your configuration as part of the diagnosis.
  • If these steps do not result in a solution, your support engineer will forward the issue to our engineering team who will again attempt to replicate the problem, diagnose the root cause and make a recommendation.
  • Resolution of a support ticket is defined by one of the following:
    • Providing a reasonable solution to the issue.
    • Providing a reasonable work-around to the issue.
    • Issue is considered an enhancement request and forwarded to the ControlUp Product Management team for future consideration.
    • Escalation of the incident/product defect to the ControlUp Engineering team for review.

If you have other questions please contact us at Or you can contact our support line at 1-800-781-4735 and we’ll be happy to assist.