Introducing ControlUp Automation!
Posted By Trentent Tye
May 16, 2019
Another day, another call had come in.  I knew all too well what this was going to be about.  Our Citrix users were getting an error message when trying to launch their applications.  We encountered this sporadically, but often enough that the process to fix this was well known. This fix was simple, but time […]
Interacting with Live User Sessions: Managing User Processes Remotely
Posted By ControlUp Team
February 12, 2015
So far in this five part series, we have gone over how you can change user group policy restrictions and take screenshots of live user sessions. These ControlUp features are straightforward and allow you to assist end-users by accessing live user sessions in the easiest and quickest way possible, without disrupting work routines and productivity. In this post, […]
How to Take a Screenshot of an Active User Session
Posted By ControlUp Team
February 10, 2015
Ever wonder how to take a screenshot of a user when s/he is in the middle of a session?  In this post, the second in our five part series of extremely useful ControlUp features, we are going to teach you how to do just that. Click here if you are interested in reading the first post in […]
Posted By ControlUp Team
January 30, 2012
Many administrators overlooking RDS farms are reporting various issues while attempting to assist end users remotely using the ICA Shadowing feature. Citrix recommends resorting to Microsoft Remote Assistance in some cases, such as when multiple monitor or Aero issues are preventing shadowing from working correctly. I thought I should highlight a neat capability with ControlUp […]