How to Manage Windows Services on Hundreds of VDI Machines
Posted By ControlUp Team
March 18, 2015
You made it!  This is the last and final post of our “How to” series.  Thanks for sticking with us.  This article is all about Windows services and how to make them uniform across multiple machines. (If you’re new to the series, feel free to go back and read how to; change your user group policy […]
Posted By ControlUp Team
December 15, 2014
As you know ControlUp does not officially support monitoring non-domain computers. However, we can fool ControlUp into thinking that a workgroup computer is domain joined. We will still need a functional AD domain for this to work, but the computer doesn’t really need to be joined to it. In brief, we will make sure name […]
Posted By Yoni Avital
September 22, 2014
User session activity reports are quite popular in RDS/VDI environments these days and are one of the most requested features in any monitoring and management solution. At ControlUp, we deal specifically with these end-user computing environments where customers host their end-user sessions and applications, themselves. As a result, we understand how valuable user session activity […]