Hyper-V real-time performance monitoring and management
Posted By Zeev Eisenberg
August 18, 2016
By now, many people have heard about (and sing the praises of) ControlUp and our unique way of bringing IT insights to sysadmins around the world. In version 4.0, we introduced Hypervisor integration to extend our real-time performance monitoring to the virtualization world, starting with VMware ESXi and XenServer. Now, in version 6, we are proud […]
A Comparison between Vsphere and HyperV, from a XenDesktop VDI POV
Posted By Dan Levtov
February 25, 2016
Your VDI is XenDesktop and you’re comparing vSphere and HyperV before deciding which one to go with. Which one of these hypervisors is preferable? It’s a tricky decision, requiring quite a lot of research and thought. Or does it…? Consider the VDI’s common denominator For those using VMware View, there is no real dilemma because […]